Weaving It All Together

This is a difficult subject, but one we must address.

From my friend, K, comes a morning observation – too many matted up weaves.

For the past few years I’ve seen a lot of weaves – lots of bad weaves I may add. And if we add in extensions, well I think the Bachelor franchise has single-handedly kept cheap hair stores in business across the country.

And although I’m low-maintenance and much prefer a pony tail or baseball cap, if you’re going to get extensions or a full-on weave, you gotta take care of that investment. I’m thinking it hurts — ALOT, and it costs money — ALOT for the good stuff. So why aren’t you taking care of it? Just like flowers don’t bloom if you don’t plant, water and nurture them, your weave or extensions will leave you hanging (literally and figureatively) without some TLC. You think Beyonce gets up in the morning and her hair looks like it does in the “Crazy In Love” video? Girl, please. Maintenance, people. Maintenance.

Can we all agree to do better?

People: Group Your Poop, and step up your hair game!

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