Voting Is Hard

I’ve often said it needs to be easier to vote – like a national holiday so those who work hourly can easily cast their ballot.  Also:  why can’t we have short lines, same day registration, and expanded early voting?  (And voter suppression is a discussion for another time.)

Many Americans aren’t able to vote, and I’d personally like to thank the Trumps for helping me make my point.


Melania didn’t sign her absentee ballot envelope, Ivanka didn’t mail her ballot in time, Jared didn’t send a ballot in at all, and Donald completed his ballot but recorded his birthdate incorrectly.

So, again, let’s make it easier for everyone to vote because I believe everyone, even if I don’t agree with their candidate selections, should be able to cast their ballot.

And, holy crap, this is the first family of the country and they couldn’t manage to correctly vote? Group. Your. Poop.

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