There Is No Bottom

I can’t even understand the depth of the political activity in our country right now.

Out today per the Washington Post, a woman tried to tell the Washington Post a fake story about Roy Moore presumably to disprove other verified claims made by Alabama women against him? (Note the Washington Post couldn’t independently verify her claims and realized they were being set-up.)

Just when you think things have hit a new low, someone starts digging.

Imagine – you tried to feed a fake story to a news outlet to protect an alleged sexual predator in order to win a Senate seat…all the while doing damage to the courageous women who come out to speak about their abuse.

At some point, there needs to be some moral compass or guide who says “enough is enough”. No Senate seat, no tax cut, no single vote is worth the systemic harm this does to our country to erode our trust in established media, to demean the women who accuse men of abuse, to directly weaken our democracy.

And while there is blame on both sides, don’t be fooled – one side is much, much worse.



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