Don’t Horse Around

I’m not style icon, but I do follow Tom & Lorenzo, a fantabulous fashion/pop culture website. They started out as bloggers running “Project Rungay” and now have expanded to larger fashion commentary. I don’t always agree with their ‘fabulous & opinionated’ takes, but usually they are on point.

And today is no different, as they provide their feedback on a gown worn by Zendaya (perhaps you know her from Dancing with the Stars, the kids remember her from some Disney show).

Here’s the gown:

Nothing like horse heads to cover up the boobs, eh?

Tom & Lorenzo take a pass on this look, as do I.

And isn’t looking at crazy fashion much more fun than Russia/political talk? We’re trying to keep it fun.

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A wise friend told me “follow the money”, and it appears Special Counsel Mueller is following that adage.

Reuters and other outlets including this link to a Guardian story is reporting Mueller has subpoened the bank records of Trump.

The reports state Deutsche Bank (known as the bank used by Russian oligarchs, conveniently) was expecting the subpoena and is fully cooperating.

Maybe this will answer the question why no bank in the US wanted to loan money to Trump in the past few decades, but Deutsche Bank stepped in to provide financing. Also, was there anything unusual with a loan Jared Kushner received a month before the election (and why was his personal guarantee of this loan not on his security clearance form)?

These are questions, as Trump often says, “many people are asking”.

So we will follow the money and see where it leads. (Spoiler: Mueller served the subpoenas weeks ago and likely already knows the answers.)

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Santa Skeptic

I’ve never met this kid, but I love his spunk.  what do you do when the school assignment is to write a letter to Santa, but you’re a Santa skeptic?  Well, clearly you give him a piece of your mind…

I love that he’s realized at an early age he doesn’t need to follow the crowd, and can be himself (while throwing some shade as well).

I think this little dude is going to turn out just fine.

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Nothing Good Occurs After 1AM

I’ve believed for a long time that nothing good occurs after 1AM. LITERALLY NOTHING. Except maybe if you’re winning at the tables in Vegas, but there’s no such thing as time there, so I guess that doesn’t count.

In college and grad school, I often tempted the idea that something good could happen after 1am and was proved incorrect time and again.

And now we have additional proof I was correct all along…

When the R Tax Plan was passed at around 2am in DC late last week, that seemed like confirmation it was something bad. But now we are finding out even more, and this is making me laugh.

In their self-imposed rush to pass the bill, the Rs (or more likely the lobbyists) were scribbling new sections in to the bill by writing hurriedly in the margins. And obviously somebody forgot to go back and check their work:

The WSJ is reporting the corporate tax attorneys have already found an unintended error which could cause corporate taxes for many companies to significantly increase.

Yep, you read that correctly, it could cause the corporate tax bill to IGO UP. And corporate overlords ARE. NOT. PLEASED.

You should read the WSJ article for the details, but in essence, while scribbling the bill at the last minute, they lowered the rate to 20% but kept the Alternative Minimum Tax at 20% without stating the exemption for research and development costs, which is a huge tax write-off for many corporations.

I’m not even going to apologize to say I literally laughed out loud when I read this.

Of course this is all easily fixed, but it will require another set of votes in the House and Senate, and that presents more time for people to realize what’s in the bill as well as another set of votes for vulnerable Representatives and reluctant Senators.

All the better for democracy, I say.

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What would you do when someone sends you an email with the subject line “Kremlin Connection”?  What if you are a candidate for President and you receive an email with that subject line that says (paraphrasing), “Yo, I can hook you up with a person who can organize a direct meeting with Putin”?

I’m thinking you have three options:  one legal, one iffy, and one sketchy-gonna-get-you-indicted.

  • Legal option – call the damn FBI
  • Iffy option – delete it, and tell that person to never send anything like that ever again or you’re calling the FBI
  • Sketchy AF option – forward it up the chain to Jared, which leads to Don, Jr. having a meeting with said Kremlin connection over dinner at the NRA convention

Care to guess what option Team Trump took?

The New York Times breaks a story about YET ANOTHER Russian outreach in to the Trump campaign

Interestingly, this brings in the NRA, which was the site of the outreach, and today’s report syncs with previous reporting of Donald, Jr’s dinner meeting with a Putin-ally during the NRA convention. Here’s another fun-fact – David Clarke (former Sheriff of Milwaukee and Trump convention speaker) was sent to Moscow on an NRA-sponsored trip at the same time Flynn and Jill Stein were in Moscow for a dinner where they sat with Putin.

Coincidences like these take lots of planning. I’m wondering what the average gun-owner has to say about their organization being potentially involved in these activities?

The fact that there were all these different outreaches by the Russian government to the Trump campaign, and not a single time did they contact the FBI or law enforcement likely speaks volumes as well.

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Economic Theory

Once they called it “voodoo economics” – saying tax cuts for the rich pay for themselves. It didn’t work in the 1980s.

Then Governor Sam Brownback tried it in his state, calling it the “Great Kansas Experiment”, and it didn’t work. Ask any Kansan how they economy fared compared to other states which didn’t cut taxes during the recession. Kansas’ recovery was slower than their neighbors.

Now they call it “trickle down economics”, and thanks to Congress, the country is about to try it again.

I’ve constantly said about this type of tax policy “don’t piss on my head and tell me it’s raining”, but here is a visual representation of the ‘trickle down economics’ policy:

Courtesy: Twitter user Lance Ulanoff

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“It Didn’t Work”

This morning, the plan was to implode the old Detroit Silverdome.

The demolition company had one job…it didn’t go well.

Deadspin has the story as well as the video.

I feel badly for the reporter who had to awkwardly talk through the aftermath amid the people yelling in the background, “It didn’t work.”

Evidently the construction of the Superdome was better than expected.

Now the demolition company must go to plan B…right after they Group Their Poop.

Pure Michigan.

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More Liquid Paper Needed

Do you remember Liquid Paper?  That weird smelling concoction people used when they made an error when writing with pen?  It was like paint – you slopped it on the paper, blew on it to help it dry, and then rewrote to fix the error.

It’s not needed in the age of computers, but I hope Jared and Ivanka got a good deal on a case of liquid paper while it was still available, because it’s time for Jared to amend his security clearance for again.

Newsweek has the details on yet another omission by Jared on his security clearance form

Dude – group your poop, get it together, do some memory tricks, whatever it takes, and perhaps, just perhaps, tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth on your forms, would ya? Because these “accidental omissions” are starting to seem like they aren’t so accidental.

Because if you can’t come clean, I suspect you’ll be hearing the phrase “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth…so help you God” in another venue — like perhaps a Grand Jury or a visit with Special Counsel Mueller.

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When a Marionette Dances Better Than You

Despacito was the jam of the summer…and this marionette knows how to move.

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You Gotta Do What You Gotta Do

What do you do if it’s 3am, you’ve had a few drinks and you’re looking for some food, but the Waffle House employee is asleep?

In a Tim Gunn moment, Alex Bowen made the best of a less-than-ideal situation, and “MADE IT WORK”.

ABC has the story where the dude hops on the grill and chefs himself up a sandwich!

But not until he took a few selfies in the process.

Well done, dude. Because when you gotta eat, you gotta eat.

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