Stronger Together

Without the kindness of strangers, where would we be? As Florida prepared for Irma, some families had nowhere to go. Strangers took them in…and Buzzfeed has the story here.

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The TaTa Towel

I’m a hard pass on this invention, but if it floats your boat, don’t let me stop you! DO YOUR THANG! ($40 seems a bit steep)

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Candy Crush – the TV show

I like to imagine the pitch meeting in Hollywood where someone seriously said – “we’ll take the mobile app, a couple super huge iPad screens and make people swipe to make matches for money”, and the response was “Consider it done!”. I wanted to hate this show, but as far as mindless entertainment, you could do worse. Tune in for the people suspended in air, stay for Mario Lopez’s pained commentary.

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PharmaBro and Courtroom Sketch Artists

A hearty thumbs up to courtroom sketch artists who captured the smug attitude of Martin Shkreli. Well done!

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Have you been breathlessly following Rachel on her “journey” to “find love”? or just tuning in for the finale? Get up to speed on your final three suitors: Bryan, Eric, and Peter here.

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There’s No Room in the Inn

Ever forget to make a hotel reservation for a work trip? The White House did! Oops! What happens when a world leader travels to the G20 (gathering of top 20 world economies) but forgot to book a hotel? Vox has the details:

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Can We Make Prisons Better?

Did you know that although the US comprises approximately 4% of the world population, the US houses approximately 22% of the prisoners in the world. The costs to society of high incarceration rates is significant to society. Mother Jones looks at prison reform in North Dakota – implementing what works in European countries.

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