11 Minutes Until Corruption

11 minutes – shorter than an episode of a sitcom like Modern Family or Will & Grace…even if you fast forward through the commercials.

11 minutes – it’s a short amount of time (unless you are on a treadmill, but that’s another story).

Yet,according to a report from NBC News, it only took 11 minutes in to the Trump presidency for the corruption to begin. He hadn’t even gotten through the Inauguration Speech yet, and it had already begun.

According to whistleblower, 11 minutes after Trump took the oath of office, he texted a businessman saying “good to go” with their plan to put nuclear reactors in the Middle East. (Sidenote – this humble blogger doesn’t think that’s a great idea.) The businessman said Flynn had been putting the pieces in to place, and Trump would make sure the Russian sanctions blocking the deal would be “ripped up” soon in to the new administration.

Are you wondering why we haven’t heard of this before, you aren’t alone. But according to Rep. Elijah Cummings, who brought the whistleblower story forward, Special Counsel Mueller asked this news be held “until they completed certain investigative steps”. Yep, that’s a quote. Mueller asked for the story to be held until they did other work. Which means Mueller knows all about this and presumably has at least somewhat vetted the story.

And if Mueller knows about how the incoming Director of National Intelligence was working on a business deal 11 minutes in to the administration, and STILL offered him a plea deal for his cooperation, wouldn’t there be something even larger that he’s working on prosecuting??

WOW! Imagine what we don’t even know yet.

I’ve said it before. I’ll say it again. What a time to be alive — 11 minutes at a time.

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Find Good in the World

Sometimes it feels everything is bad…maybe it’s felt that way A LOT in the past year or so.

But, you always need to find the good in the world.

And you know what’s even better?  This man refused a request for an interview.  Doing good and staying anonymous.  How fantastic is that?

There is always good…you just need to find it.  Sometimes it takes some looking, but it’s worth the effort to persist.

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That’s Now How It Works (Law 101)

Don Jr. met with the House Intel Committee today for approximately 8 hours.  Evidently they had lots of questions for him.

One hot topic surely was the June 2016 meeting in Trump Tower about “adoptions”.  But it seems Don Jr. didn’t want to tell much about his discussions with his father regarding this meeting or afterward when they released a statement which later was proven to be untrue regarding this little get together.

His reason for not answering the questions?  Attorney-Client privilege. Politico has the details.

But, see, here’s the problem: for a conversation to be privileged by Attorney-Client privilege, one person has to be an attorney and the other has to be their client. Neither of those situations are true between Don Sr. and Don Jr. Don Jr. said there was an attorney in the room during the discussion and evidently he thought that was his get out of jail free card.

That’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works.

And just to be prepared for the next set of excuses – besides attorney-client privilege being no applicable, neither executive privilege nor white privilege will work with Special Counsel when the time comes. Just an FYI.

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“United Schatesh”


What’s up with Trump not being able to pronounce “United States” correctly at the end of today’s speech?

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The Band Is Back Together


What’s the Hamilton lyric? “History has it’s eyes on you” (and perhaps not in the way Mr. Parscale thinks in his tweet).

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This is a tough one, because Al Franken has been a pro-feminism and well-read Senator who worked hard and brought attention to issues others weren’t highlighting. (He was a Net Neutrality advocate long before it was cool, and remember how he grilled Betsy DeVos to highlight her lack of knowledge? And he was likely the person who caused Jeff Sessions to essentially perjure himself in his confirmation hearing.) I believe he realizes his actions were wrong, but that’s no matter at this important time.

He needs to resign. Another women came forward today accusing him of inappropriate behavior.

I know, I know, denying and lack of shame worked to get Trump elected and will likely work for Moore in Alabama, but I refuse to get in the gutter with their shamelessness and hypocrisy. Ds and progressives ARE better and must act accordingly.

I said after the first accuser, and I’ll say it again. Al Franken must resign. And evidently the D women of the Senate agree.

And I’m trusting he’ll do the right thing and resign. At which, your move, Republicans. Blake Farenthold should resign. Roy Moore shouldn’t be elected to the Senate. There should be repercussions for Trump as well.


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Out of control forest fires are right next to major freeways.

Stay safe, California friends!

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Time Person of the Year

Bravo, Time. Well done.

Read more about the announcement here.

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Dangerous Distraction

Today, Trump is going to announce a plan to move the Israeli embassy to Jerusalem, igniting an already-tense situation in the Middle East.

This “announcement” is pure Trump – an inflammatory yet public announcement which serves his personal purposes but creates a potential shit-storm for others. But ultimately, the announcement is more symbolic than action — note he’s making this announcement in public but will then sign a waiver (as all Presidents for decades have done) to delay the movement of the embassy for at least 6 months.

Here’s how the world see the decision, courtesy of an opinion column in the UK-based publication, The Guardian.

See, Jerusalem is currently split in to two, as both Israel and Palestine claim it as their capital. Every potential peace plan allows for both countries to claim their side of Jerusalem (Israel has West Jerusalem, Palestine has East Jerusalem). The international community recognizes this division of the city at this time. Trump wishes to provide the entire city of Jerusalem to Israel.

And why would he jeopardize Jared’s potential peacemaking in the Middle East? (I’m not sure that’s a thing, but Trump says Jared is working on bringing Middle East peace, so we’ll go with that idea for now…) Why would he put Jared’s “plan” in peril?

Because Don, Jr. is testifying today (behind closed doors) in front of the House Intelligence Committee. This, a day after the Russian lawyer at the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting about “adoptions” said Don Jr asked if Russia had information on Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation. Newsweek provides the background. I suspect Rep. Adam Schiff may have some questions about that meeting.

Inflammatory tweets as a distraction are concerning. Using the tense situation in the Middle East as a distraction is frightening.

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Bad Decision

I’ve used this analogy before, but I’m going to use it again. If you’ve ever watched Law & Order, you know the police don’t stop keeping an eye on the bad dudes after they charge them with a crime.

So here we have Paul Manafort, indicted by Special Counsel Mueller, on HOUSE ARREST WITH AN ANKLE BRACELET, now screwing up his out-on-bail arrangement by working with A RUSSIAN CONNECTED TO RUSSIAN INTELLIGENCE (allegedly) via ghost writing an OpEd presumably to “soften” his image?

Time has the details.

So I ask, what genius thinks working with the types of people which got him in to trouble in the first place will A) repair his image (it likely won’t); and B) go under the radar with Mueller (it didn’t)? The answer, it appears, is Paul Manafort.

And Special Counsel Mueller was not impressed as indicated by this court document filed on Monday.

At some point you’d think he’d figure out he’s in a whole heap of trouble and would stop making it worse…but he may not have that realization until his house arrest is revoked, which may happen sooner than he realizes.

This Law & Order episode is swelling to the dramatic climax in the plot. Let’s see how it ends. But keep in mind, sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

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