Group Your Pee??

Yesterday was the inspirational post about persisting when you sometimes can’t group your poop. Live to see another day and try again at that time!

Well today we are going in the opposite direction — maybe not all things need to be grouped (so to speak).

Meet little Freddie from England, only 3-years-old but perhaps efficient beyond his years.

Buzzfeed has the details if you are so inclined to read more.

Evidently little Freddie so enjoyed his tablet that he didn’t want to stop to use the restroom. Plan devised: pee in the drawer instead. It’s closer, quicker and maybe he wouldn’t even have to stop using the tablet!?!

Gotta give him props for making a plan and following through, but still ewwww.

Group Your Poop isn’t meant to be bathroom humor but rather a metaphor for life and the craziness which ensues during our normal days. And for that, I say a hearty “Huzzah” for Freddie. He fully embraced the Group Your Poop mantra. However, please, next time, take the tablet to the toilet if you must.

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Paul Wellstone – 15 Years Later

“We all do better when we all do better.”  –Paul Wellstone

15 years ago Paul Wellstone, his wife, child and staffers perished in a plane crash and the world is lesser because of his passing.

Known for campaigning in his green school bus, he was a Senator, a man of the people and someone who just wanted a better America for everyone.

I’ve posted my favorite Wellstone quote above, and I reflect on that same quote often.  So simple yet so profound.

Let’s all go do better so we can all do better.

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When Equality Feels Like Discrimination

The Hill posted an interesting story on Tuesday regarding a recent pool from NPR (and others) regarding discrimination.

55% of white Americans “perceive discrimination against them because they are white”.

Again, over half of the white Americans surveyed think there is discrimination because they are white.

While far fewer white Americans said they have faced discrimination themselves, they still perceive discrimination against whites as a problem.

I guess when you’ve been empowered and in the majority for so long, when things begin to become equal it feels like discrimination? That’s privilege.

It’s my wish that someday people will realize we are stronger together as equals. Until then, it appears it will be a bumpy ride.

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Sexual Harassment Prevalence

When is sexual harassment given a pass by many? I guess when it’s a former President?

Because 2017 has been a shitshow on many fronts, OF COURSE former-President George H.W. Bush is now accused of sexual harassment.

Deadspin (among others) has the story of the SECOND woman coming forward. Many outlets are reporting this story, but I chose Deadspin to link because they tell his weak attempt at a “joke” to justify his groping.

“David Cop-a-feel” – real funny joke you got there. (Actually, NO, it’s not funny.  It’s an excuse to cop-a-feel.)

The former President has apologized:

And he gets credit for apologizing and not denying what he did.

I didn’t vote for him, but I never harbored ill feelings toward him either.

He’s wheelchair bound and in his 90s, but the very fact that he didn’t realize this was not appropriate is a perfect example of how prevalent sexual harassment is in our country. Clearly people knew what he was doing and went along with this behavior — even his wife!

Let’s retire the “David Cop-a-feel” joke and all the improper grab-ass behavior. C’mon, America, let’s do better.

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Maybe Leaning In Isn’t Enough

Four short years ago, Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, wrote a widely popular book called “Lean In”. It was seen as a ‘go to’ for career women – dispensing advice on how to move upward in their career journeys.

And while some of the advice was good (if not common sense) — for example, ask your husband to do half the household and child-rearing chores — many women took inspiration on the goals to ‘lean in’ to their work…do more, work harder, network, don’t be afraid of success, etc.

So you’d think that would fix all the wrongs in the workplace where women are still promoted less often, earn less and are still a minority of corporate leaders.

Harvard Business Review did an interesting study to find out why gender equality hasn’t yet been realized in the workplace. They had subjects actually wear sensors to discover if women acted differently to cause the inequalities they faced.

The results were surprising to the investigators – and here is the money quote I took from the article which described the study:

Our analysis suggests that the difference in promotion rates between men and women in this company was due not to their behavior but to how they were treated. This indicates that arguments about changing women’s behavior — to “lean-in,” for example — might miss the bigger picture: Gender inequality is due to bias, not differences in behavior.

We may have come a long way, baby, but it sure seems there’s still a long road ahead, ladies.

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Working Poor

I saw a simple statement today which got me thinking –

When you tell someone who is a member of the ‘working poor’ because they are in a low-wage job to “get a better job”, you are acknowledging the fact that anyone who works in that position deserves to be poor.

Give it some thought.  Do you think people don’t deserve a livable wage?

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Some Poop Can’t Be Grouped

Having a bad day?  Imagine being this Dad!

Sometimes the poop is hard to group, but you gotta just keep it moving.

Tomorrow will be a new day, and maybe it’ll be easier to get it together then.

Until then, persist.

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Things That Go Vote in the Night

While America was watching either the World Series or maybe The Challenge on MTV on Tuesday night, Congress was busy working!  I know!  Can you believe it?  And as much as America wants Congress to get working, maybe it’s better if they aren’t sometimes.

You know how you can tell some shady shit is going down in the Senate?  When VP Pence shows up to cast a tie-breaking vote. Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown spoke about this feeling on the Senate floor:

Tonight, the vote was on the CPFB rule on forced arbitration.  That sounds obscure but actually has a profound impact on many Americans.  The vote tonight overturned a rule allowing consumers to sue a financial company if it does something wrong.

An example – Wells Fargo staff opened accounts without people’s knowledge or approval, strictly for the purpose of meeting goals and obtaining bonuses.  This impacted people’s credit scores and people were harmed.  Without this rule, those people who were harmed can’t group together to sue Wells Fargo, essentially preventing the company from being held accountable for their actions.

Remember a month or so ago when Equifax announced they accidentally didn’t protect people’s private info?  Oopsie doopsie – so sorry – but you can’t sue them.

The LA Times has all the details.

And by the way, the other big Senate news today was Arizona Senator Jeff Flake announcing he wasn’t running for re-election and essentially coming out against the Trump Administration and unshackled from the burden of re-election, declared his independence so he is able to do the right thing. This follows Tennessee Senator Bob Corker who said essentially the same thing.

But save the plaudits for these two “independent” Senators. They both voted to screw over consumers and the average person in favor of the big banks tonight.

Judge a man by his deeds, not his words. Show me what you do and I’ll know what you stand for. That goes for Flake, Sessions, Pence and the entire lot of the Senators who voted for this bill.

All those middle-America people who elected Trump based on alleged “economic anxiety” – I wonder if they know what their candidate and his party did to them tonight. They should be watching what was being done, keeping an eye on the deeds of those they voted for. Or maybe it’s just less painful to watch the Astros/Dodgers hit the baseball than watch the Republicans in the Senate vote their litigation rights away.

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Pardon US, eh?

I have many Canadian friends. So, on behalf of the US, I’m sorry, Canada.

I’m sorry we are the bad neighbor nearly everyone has.

Read all about the drama as the CBC introduces Canadians to the latest US Ambassador for their country.

Here’s the part that caught everyone’s attention – you know, where she says she believes “both sides” of the climate change debate:

As you can see some Canadians from the province of Canada thinks this isn’t exactly a home run.

The US didn’t borrow tools and not return them.  We also didn’t let our dog crap in Canada’s yard and not pick up the waste.  Instead the US just unleashed a whole lot of hot air and climate denialism without any shame at all.  I guess that is a lot like a pile of dog crap.

Please forgive us, eh?

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Occam’s Razor

In this morning via Daily Beast, and also Newsweek: Trump has missed the deadline to impose sanctions on Russia as per the bill passed overwhelmingly by the House and the Senate. Specifically, he’s three weeks late (and counting).

I wonder why?

One theory could be discovered by applying the philosophical principle of Occam’s Razor – the simplest explanation is usually true.

Or it could be just too damn much winning. There’s just been so much winning, we are all tired of winning.

Yeah, sure, that’s the ticket.

Drip Drip Drip

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