Today in the State Department

…things are going just fine.  Yep, just fine.

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Two Hands


Why?  Why can’t he drink water like a normal person?  (And I know it’s such a small thing, but I truly want to know why.)

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Mueller is a Game Master

If you are on Twitter, there’s this silly thing where people (who think they are smart), start a series of posts with “IT’S TIME FOR SOME GAME THEORY!” — when really they are saying “I’m going to post in 20 parts what my opinion is and I don’t really know anything I’m just guessing”.

It’s obnoxious, pretentious, and frankly starting to become tiresome.

And now, with today’s Axios story about Mueller obtaining thousands of transition emails, we can all prepare for twenty bazillion “IT’S TIME FOR SOME GAME THEORY!” twitter posts. Ugh.

But you don’t have to read those posts…here’s the skinny (and you could click on the link to read the story, too): Mueller has tens of thousands of emails from the Trump transition. Some reportedly include “sensitive” emails involving Jared.

A pretty middle-of-the-road story until the kicker at the end, which I’m going to quote directly since it’s so f’n delicious:

“The twist: The sources say that transition officials assumed that Mueller would come calling, and had sifted through the emails and separated the ones they considered privileged. But the sources said that was for naught, since Mueller has the complete cache from the dozen accounts.”

Yeah – the Trump team had “separated” the emails in preparation for the request (ahem, hiding the bad stuff perhaps?), but Mueller just skipped the middle man and got all of the emails on his own. Don’t even try to hide shit from Big Poppa, because it seems he’s A MASTER OF GAME THEORY, TOO.

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SURVEY SATURDAY – Pick Your Present

Ho Ho Ho-ly shmoley! It’s Saturday and time for you to have your say on the important(?) issue of the week.

Santa needs to hear from you!

Christmas is coming and Santa is bringing you a video gift. Pick your present.


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Paul Ryan – Retiring???

I could write a long post about my feelings about (alleged) policy wonk Paul Ryan. He has SERIOUS(!) policy ideas…just ask him. Like voucherizing Medicare (he calls it “premium support”).

But why spend the time crafting a mediocre piece when Charles Pierce conveys all your feelings so much more clearly and cleverly?

Esquire publishes his essay entitled “Good Riddance to the Biggest Fake in Politics”

It’s well worth five minutes of your time.

I’m thinking Good Old Paul saw results in Alabama and a poll of his district which showed him down to potential D nominee @Ironstache (yes, that’s his Twitter handle!), and started to float the old “time to get back to my family” line.

Don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya, Paul. We’ll be better off with you out of the House of Representatives. (Sorry Wisconsin, he’s coming back to you.)

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It’s a Sign

Sometimes the world brings you a sign showing you the impact of other’s actions.

Example A:

This is particularly relevant given yesterday’s “Cutting the Red Tape” event at the White House.

Oh, this West Wing, so clever – the paper on the right is current regulations and the pile on the right is the amount of regulations in the 1960s.  And Trump’s “cutting the red tape”…isn’t that great?  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  I’M LAUGHING SO HARD!  (sarcasm)

Because Scott Pruitt is ending protections for clean water, and energy regulations, and coal debris not being able to be dumped anywear, etc.

I guess nobody thinks that fewer regulations which keep us safe could cause danger.

Nobody, that is, except the world which gave us a sign at the EPA today by that sewage spewing through the water fountain.

Add this to the list of things we’ll need to fix once sanity returns to the Executive Branch.


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Feel Good Friday!


Here’s what has me smiling:

2) Afternoon naps
3) Twinkling lights on the Christmas tree
4) Coca-Cola – seriously, how would I get by without it?
5) The engagement of people in our politics — higher than I’ve seen in a long time. (Let’s keep it up for November 2018!)
6) Self-affirmation – I’m good. You’re good. We’re both more secure than Trump.
7) We’ve survived another week, and at least some norms seem to be holding

We got this! We’re going to roll in to this weekend like nobody’s business!

Have a good one.

-Your Friends at Focused Feed

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Voting Is Hard

I’ve often said it needs to be easier to vote – like a national holiday so those who work hourly can easily cast their ballot.  Also:  why can’t we have short lines, same day registration, and expanded early voting?  (And voter suppression is a discussion for another time.)

Many Americans aren’t able to vote, and I’d personally like to thank the Trumps for helping me make my point.


Melania didn’t sign her absentee ballot envelope, Ivanka didn’t mail her ballot in time, Jared didn’t send a ballot in at all, and Donald completed his ballot but recorded his birthdate incorrectly.

So, again, let’s make it easier for everyone to vote because I believe everyone, even if I don’t agree with their candidate selections, should be able to cast their ballot.

And, holy crap, this is the first family of the country and they couldn’t manage to correctly vote? Group. Your. Poop.

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A friend’s mother has sage advice for us all:

“It’s been worse before.  It will be better in the future.”



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