From Focused Feed’s International bureau, comes this update:  Mugabe is out.

For 37 years, he ruled the country with an iron fist.  Today he resigned.

So what is Zimbabwe known for besides Mugabe?  This picture can give you a clue.

Mosi-oa-Tunya, “The Smoke that Thunders” – a waterfall at the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Sorry, Zambia, but Zimbabwe’s view is a bit better (both are stunning).

And here’s a funny story about how I got a Zimbabwe stamp in my passport.  To get from Zambia to Zimbabwe’s side, you have to cross this bridge:

“A short walk” they said at the hotel.  Well, they didn’t explain the “customs” process which involved multiple checkpoints, some gentle pushing to get to the dude with the magic stamp, a scrap of paper with “2” on it (for 2 people wanting to enter), money changing hands and ultimately a guy with an AK on a stool rifling through your passport challenging you for the “right paperwork”.  Then an armed escort walking beside you for the 0.25 mile walk to the entrance of the national park.

The view was worth all the hassle.

As a (brief) visitor to this country many years ago, I am delighted for this new opportunity for Zimbabwe.  Many challenges are ahead, and let’s hope they face them with an eye to democratic and representative philosophies.

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