Group Your Pee??

Yesterday was the inspirational post about persisting when you sometimes can’t group your poop. Live to see another day and try again at that time!

Well today we are going in the opposite direction — maybe not all things need to be grouped (so to speak).

Meet little Freddie from England, only 3-years-old but perhaps efficient beyond his years.

Buzzfeed has the details if you are so inclined to read more.

Evidently little Freddie so enjoyed his tablet that he didn’t want to stop to use the restroom. Plan devised: pee in the drawer instead. It’s closer, quicker and maybe he wouldn’t even have to stop using the tablet!?!

Gotta give him props for making a plan and following through, but still ewwww.

Group Your Poop isn’t meant to be bathroom humor but rather a metaphor for life and the craziness which ensues during our normal days. And for that, I say a hearty “Huzzah” for Freddie. He fully embraced the Group Your Poop mantra. However, please, next time, take the tablet to the toilet if you must.

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