It’s another “Feel Good Friday”! Whew..we made it through another week.

What has you smiling today?

1. Conference calls scheduled for an hour which last only 25 minutes;
2. Holiday lights twinkling at night;
3. Egg McMuffins which taste like heaven in your mouth;
4. Patti LaBelle’s voice no matter the lyrics she’s singing (see earlier post);
5. The movie Coco — enjoyed by three generations with bottomless popcorn; and as the grand finale…
6. This video:

It’s OK to take a moment, breathe, and smile.  Even when things seem dark, there is light.  Look for it.

Make it a great Friday!

Email us at focusedfeed@gmail.com and let us know what is making you smile.  We may just post your info (anonymously and with your permission obviously).

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