Equifax Oopsie Doopsie

Undoubtedly you’ve heard about the Equifax breach, right?  You know, the one where up to 143 million Americans had their personal info including Social Security numbers, bank info, etc. compromised?  Yeah.  No bueno.

Well tonight comes the news thatthe vulnerability was known but Equifax didn’t install the required patch to secure personal data. This isn’t just you delay, like not updating your phone so you don’t have the latest emojis…this is a company entrusted with your personal information not keeping personal information entrusted to them secure. Isn’t their main job?

It’s funny that their leadership couldn’t get it together to patch the software vulnerability for a few months after it was known, but some senior executives sure were able to move quickly on selling their stock options before news of the data breach broke. Funny how that works.

Heckuva job, Equifax.

And oh yeah, Group Your Poop.

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