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A friend’s mother has sage advice for us all:

“It’s been worse before.  It will be better in the future.”



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History in Pictures

December 7, 1941 – “a date which will live in infamy”

On days such as today, a great Twitter follow is presidential historian Michael Beschloss.

He often posts pictures from significant days in history with few words, leaving you to reflect on the power of the image and the news of the time.

You’ll also see #NARA – whcih stands for National Archives and Records Administration.

His posts cause me to speak less and reflect more – on history and on current events. #NARA reminds me of the important yet often unseen functions of our government.

“Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.”

I humbly suggest this is worthy of your reflection and thoughts today.

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A Guest Editorial

Evidently others have an opinion on many things…who knew?!?!  LOL

A guest editorial/post from Focused Feed Friend, J:

I have a thought to ponder. I think you already addressed it on the blog but it may be a repeat performance contender. I get the sexual harassment awareness. Here’s what I have a problem with- multiple times I’ve heard reporters (women, no less) say, “let’s focus on the women and victims”, when the conversation sways. I think this is the wrong approach. The word victim, in this context, suggests one being having power over another. What about the perpetrators and WHY their behavior has been accepted in this society? My point is, “victim” creates awareness, but is the wrong word to facilitate true change. Focusing on that is the wrong approach. Let’s focus on behavior and empowerment to facilitate change. While it is perfect to raise awareness, behavior change and why we continue treat others in this manner need to remain the focus. How are behaviors formed? Through habit. How do we break a habit? By repetition and setting examples to follow- good and bad.

While it’s paramount to create awareness, if people truly want to make an impact, we, as a society, should be focusing on WHY sexual harassment has become so common. The context of change has been set, starting with one courageous person who finally found their voice to bring it forward to the right platform. Since that pivotal moment, the world has seen a transformation of strength with the magnitude of “me too’s” uniting in solidarity. It is both daunting and inspiring.

Sexual assault and harassment is not an epidemic. It’s been happening in all countries and societies across the world since the beginning of time. I’m not sure that will change until such behavior becomes unacceptable by moral standards.

How are we any different than the multiple other subservient societies? We are no different, as a whole. All societies are essentially the same, just at different stages of development. However, we are different because we are allowed to use our voice. Perhaps we can use it for the good and set examples for other less progressive societies. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to live in a world where EVERYONE were encouraged to exercise a freedom of speech? A freedom so precious and powerful, we often take it for granted or are afraid to use it. Why is it we are quick to use our voice to complain, but hesitate when violation of our moral fiber is threatened?

Perhaps facilitating change of this magnitude is too daunting for some to consider. Awareness is the tip of the iceberg. We have a voice. A powerful voice. The louder the voice, the bigger the thunder. Don’t just create thunder, set an example. A positive example. Be the change you want to see in the world.”

J, I agree 10000000000000000%, and thanks for sharing your thoughts.

If you have thoughts to share, hit us up at We personally answer each email. Really.

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Words to Live By

Received this from a friend yesterday (and this friend GETS SH!T DONE!):

“I stopped waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel and lit that bitch up myself.”

Think about it. Then live it.

(h/t FFF K)

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Happiness is Relative

“A calm and modest life brings more happiness than the pursuit of success combined with constant restlessness.” -Albert Einstein

That dude was wise beyond his theory of relativity (E=mc2)!

USA Today has a neat story on how when Einstein went to receive the Nobel Prize in physics, he was writing notes on how to live a fulfilling life. This was one of the quotes given to a messenger who received the handwritten tip from Einstein (he didn’t have any cash to provide a financial reward for his efforts). Read the story to find out how that note was sold via auction and how much it brought!

Then relax, and enjoy a calm, modest life. Namaste.

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Deep Thought

Seen on facebook yesterday:


Spent another day as a ‘human doing’ instead of a ‘human being’.

Are you just doing or are you BEING?

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Times They Are A-Changin’

During the last presidential election (and since then as well!) there has been a significant amount of interviews and stories dedicated to the rural working class voters, predominantly in Appalachia. Hurt in the recent past by the loss of higher-paying, unionized jobs in manufacturing and mining, these areas are suffering.

Considering the financial straits of these communities, this Reuters article made me incredibly sad. Not #SAD! as in a early morning tweet sense, but in a “I feel badly for these people” way.

Imagine losing your job to automation and the transition to renewable energy or lower-cost natural gas, and refusing federally paid retraining in the belief that coal jobs are returning. Imagine thinking those jobs are returning because political leaders told them what they wanted to hear —
all in the name of getting their vote at a cost of being intellectually dishonest. Unfortunately votes don’t provide job security in a changing economy.

I understand the difficulty of pursuing a different career path later in life. But I also learned quickly “you make your own luck”, or as an old adage “the Lord helps those who help themselves”. I think of many in the “working poor” who wish to receive training or attend college but can’t afford it and can not because of they can’t afford the cost. And that, juxtaposed with those who are eligible for retraining paid for with our tax dollars and not taking advantage of it, is a frustrating dichotomy.

Times change and life goes on. I’m sure those waiting for the return of their mining jobs (which may never come back) feel frustrated by the change in their circumstances. However, burying their head in the sand isn’t going to make things go back to how they were twenty years ago.

Bob Dylan sang “Times They Are A-Changin'”, and those who don’t change with the times are left behind.

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When Equality Feels Like Discrimination

The Hill posted an interesting story on Tuesday regarding a recent pool from NPR (and others) regarding discrimination.

55% of white Americans “perceive discrimination against them because they are white”.

Again, over half of the white Americans surveyed think there is discrimination because they are white.

While far fewer white Americans said they have faced discrimination themselves, they still perceive discrimination against whites as a problem.

I guess when you’ve been empowered and in the majority for so long, when things begin to become equal it feels like discrimination? That’s privilege.

It’s my wish that someday people will realize we are stronger together as equals. Until then, it appears it will be a bumpy ride.

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Working Poor

I saw a simple statement today which got me thinking –

When you tell someone who is a member of the ‘working poor’ because they are in a low-wage job to “get a better job”, you are acknowledging the fact that anyone who works in that position deserves to be poor.

Give it some thought.  Do you think people don’t deserve a livable wage?

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Movement as Art

I could watch this all day.

Balance. Movement. Art.

It’s called “The Mechanics of History” – a title which at least for me provokes many thoughts.

On display at a museum in France, but here for all of us to see courtesy of Twitter.

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