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Blue Ribbons

What do the blue ribbons on the red carpet stand for?

Business Insider provides the details.

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The Emmys are tonight!

Do you think there will dresses and pop culture which I’ll have an opinion on?


Comments from friends also may appear – I have zero fashion sense, but I don’t let that stop me from commenting.  #IHaveAnOpinionOnEverything

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Do You See What I See?

From super funny, former Obama speechwriter Jon Lovett, the following observation today on Twitter:

“Half of all boxing photos look like gay weddings”

I agree, and this particular wedding is apparently being officiated by Rev. Oscar De La Hoya.

Edited to add another view featuring the unusual bridesmaid dresses… LOL

(Canelo vs. GGG tonight)

If you are on Twitter, Jon Lovett is a great follow: @jonlovett

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A Life-Saving Friendship

Sometimes you go to an article for the celebrity news, and end up learning more important along the way.

Today celebrity Selena Gomez announced why she had been out of the spotlight this summer. She had previously told her story about suffering from lupus, an auto-immune disease where the body attacks it’s own tissues. As her clinical picture grew worse, she elected to receive a kidney transplant.

Vox has the details on not only her transplant but the struggles others face on the organ donor list. Selena Gomez was lucky in that her best friend was a match and was willing to be a donor for her. (People have two kidneys and can safely donate one and live a full life afterward.) Many others aren’t as lucky.

Read this short article and learn more about the critical need for organ donors. While the article focuses mostly on kidney donation, other organs can be donated after death including heart valves, skin, corneas from your eyes. All tissues are desperately needed. Be an organ donor!

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Role Models

Remember that old Charles Barkley commercial where he says, “I am not a role model”? What shapes kids and their goals, dreams, aspirations? Families play an outsized role in this, but with the non-stop media world we now live in, don’t underestimate the passive messages kids see and hear. On Monday night, Beth Mowins became the first woman to do play-by-play in a nationally televised pro football game in multiple decades. She’s experienced – maybe you’ve heard her call FCS powerhouse NDSU beat top-ten ranked Iowa in football last year, or UConn winning women’s basketball championships? But for girls to hear someone like them at the top spot in a male-dominated field, just the act of her doing it means more than can be imagined. ESPNW writer Kavitha Davison writes about “That Visceral Feeling of Hearing Someone Like Me in the Monday Night Football Booth”.

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The Ties That Bind

ESPN’s Adam Schefter is that annoying-type dude who has a stat for everything and tweets nonstop on contracts and concession items/prices. The business side of sports. On the 16th anniversary of 09/11, he shares a personal story linking his life to that fateful day.

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Have you been breathlessly following Rachel on her “journey” to “find love”? or just tuning in for the finale? Get up to speed on your final three suitors: Bryan, Eric, and Peter here.


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