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What Is Beautiful?

Oscar Award winner Lupita Nyong’o makes an important point with a simple tweet:

Beauty can be high cheekbones and facial symmetry.  It can also be natural hair which happens to be curly.

But most of all, beauty is being true to one’s self.

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Marketing Excellence – UPDATED :-(

UPDATE:  Well, now we find out this was not real.  The dude who “found” the 11 herbs and spices is a PR person for the firm who works with KFC parent company, YUM Brands.

Still a great campaign, and it got me…but you have to do the background and at least hide the fact it wasn’t real, right?

I’m keeping the post below online, because the picture called “Giddy Up, Colonel” is still pretty awesome, but ’tis a shame it’s not real.

Damn, 2017, we can’t have anything nice, can we?  And can I blame Putin for this as well (asking for multiple friends)?



Remember when we found out that KFC only follows 11 people on Twitter? (I can’t even believe you haven’t read our post on that, but you can click on this phrase to have your memory “refreshed”.)

Well, that darn KFC has gone one step further and rewarded the person (Twitter user @edgette22) who solved the mystery.

Let’s read Buzzfeed’s post on this marketing genius, shall we?

The dude got the obligatory free chicken for a year (52 – $5 gift cards), but he also got a painting of Colonel Sanders carrying him and the best letter presumably from Colonel Sanders himself.

Amaze-balls. This is PhD-level marketing genius.

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Hold the Pickles, Extra Ketchup

When you’re in the White House and have access to some of the best chefs in the world, but they can’t quite get that “quarter pounder with cheese, hold the pickles, extra ketchup” taste just right…what do you do?

Let’s read this article in Business Insider to find out!

Spoiler: You send the Director of Oval Office Operations (Trump’s long-time personal bodyguard, Keith Schiller) out to McDonald’s to get the grub.

Geez, at least Bill Clinton jogged to the nearest Mickey D’s! (Remember this?)

Simpler times.

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An Extra Hour

Had to do it.

Extra hour to sleep, play or work this weekend, my friends.


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Finding Your Passion

May you find something to love as much as this dude is relishing the return of the McRib:

I’m not a McRib eater, but I endorse his passion.

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World Series

The Houston Astros are World Series Champs!

And if you remember one year ago, the Chicago Cubs won after waiting 108 years for a championship. At the time, the joke on Twitter was the Cubs broke their championship curse and as penance, Donald Trump would then become President. Boy that was funny right up until the day after the election.

So, the question I’m asking is this: now that the Cubs are no longer World Series Champions, is the other half of the deal over as well?

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World Series Hot Take

Dodgers – too many left of base

Astros – team of destiny? (I hate that assessment, but it just seems the breaks are going their way this post-season)

What does all of this mean? Probably that the Dodgers hit 5 HRs off Verlander in the 9th and tie it up and it goes to the 20th inning when everyone is fast asleep.

Maybe it all was pre-determined from the SI cover in 2014 predicting the Astros winning the 2017 World Series?

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Would You Cure Cancer If You Could?

Tom Brady seems to be defying logic – a 40+ year old quarterback still performing at the top of his game in the NFL. That doesn’t happen often, and people are asking why.

(Side note – it could be that because of coaching and play calling he’s taken fewer hits over the past seasons than most, but let’s explore other options.)

It must be his training regimen (conveniently all aspects of which are for sale), perhaps? Deadspin has a story which includes his daily routine, and Bomani Jones is not having it.

Evidently TB’s trainer claims he can prevent sunburn AND cure cancer with his unconventional methods.

Here’s my beef: if the dude has a cure for cancer, couldn’t he just sell that supposed-cure or help people and give it away for free or win the Nobel Prize or something? Like, you could save lives of millions of people – mothers, fathers, CHILDREN, and instead you choose to work with Tom Brady and save the cancer cure knowledge for yourself???

Not even accounting for the fact that medical experts say different cancers are different disease processes and different treatments or ‘cures’ will be required to end all types of cancer, put me in the column of skeptic for his medical claims.

Tom Brady either seems to think this stuff actually is working for him (professional sports is largely mental, so maybe?) or he’s grifting people which would be unfortunate to say the least.

Knowing that, I’m now off to drink water without any TB12 supplements and eat an Egg McMuffin. I was never an NFL quarterback anyway, so I might as well indulge.

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Halloween Costumes

Happy Halloween! Did you dress up? My costume is ramshackle media mogul-in-training with a side of snark.

Let’s check in on what others dressed up as on TV today:

Here’s the Today show’s reveal (country night):

More details and a closeup of the hosts are here.

(I didn’t need to see Matt Lauer as Dolly Parton, but that’s life)

Moving on over to Fox and Friends – they used a “play on words” theme, and it went about as you’d expect. Roll the video…


These two were painful, so let’s now go to a short and simple video showing how Halloween costumes are done. Courtesy of the CBC:



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It’s Not Your Baseball To Throw Back!

Seriously, F the guy who took the World Series HR ball out of the woman’s hand and threw it back. F him.

He is the embodiment of a word I don’t throw around casually – douchcanoe.

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