Group Your Poop


Perhaps we’ve taken the on-demand service app a bit too far.

Introducing Wag! – it’s like uber for dog walking. OK, so you hire someone to walk your dog – fair enough.

And through technology, you can get a report on the walk…cool I guess?

It uses GPS to track where they walked, and wait for it…where they peed and pooped. Yep, you get all the “dirty” details.


My take: a mixed review – half ” Yes, please!” please and half “Hell, NO!”

Oh, and I’m wondering where does it show on the app if they Grouped the Poop?

A special hat tip to FFF (FocusedFeed Friend) J for the post recommendation.

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Logo BOGO?

I’m confused — are the Chicago Cubs playing the Washington Nationals or the Walgreens Softball Team in the NLDS?

Their logos seem quite similar.  Perhaps the Nationals took advantage of a BOGO deal – BOGO is the retail acronym for ‘Buy One Get One Free’ offer.  So, Walgreens bought a logo and gave their free coupon to the Nationals?

Oh, I see – tweak the color red and rotate it the opposite way and voila – a new logo!  I’d say this work was uninspired.

And shouldn’t the Nationals still be using the Expos logo anyway?  Since they are really the team previously from Montreal…just saying.

Logo designers – you are paid to be creative.  You can do better.  Group Your Poop.

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Asked and Answered

Twitter user @JackiSchechner asks a question which needs to be answered:

Answer: “What to wear when your arms are cold but your tits are hot!” (obviously)

And it’s not cute.

Fashion designers, this is your ‘Group Your Poop’ moment.

If you have pressing questions such as this (or truly want our advice), hit the gang up at We answer all email. Seriously. Because we have no life.

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One Spice Too Far

There’s a certain beauty when two of the FocusedFeed worlds collide.

Yesterday in Baltimore the police and haz mat team were called to a school for a suspicious smell. They evacuated kids. People went to the hospital with suspected inhalation injuries.

The cause of the smell…you guessed it, a PUMPKIN SPICE AIR FRESHENER.

It’s always a good idea to be extra cautious, be COME ON.

This is just too much. Too Much! PUMPKIN SPICE IS STILL A HARD PASS FOR ME.

And America, let’s get a grip on pumpkin spice mania, and Group Your Poop.

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The Truth Is Out There

Ever watch the X-Files and think perhaps there was a giant conspiracy to cover up aliens and someday the truth will come out? Mulder’s poster said “The Truth Is Out There” and a marketing slogan they used was “I Want To Believe”.

Maybe a dude in Wyoming took those phrases a little too much to heart after a night of drinking. The Independent UK reports on his bizarre claims during his arrest. Evidently he was a time traveler from 2048 to warn us of the alien overlords in our future?

Or maybe he had a few too many bud lights and shots of fireball?

So I appreciate the warning, the creativity and potentially the heroism of our time-traveling friend. But seriously, dude, watch the alcohol intake, and Group Your Poop.

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Group My Own Poop?

Life comes at you fast as a parent.

Today’s example:  this is what happened when I bought the nicer (and slightly more expensive) woven storage bin at Target for your daughter because you thought it would look nicer than the standard fabric or plastic ones.

Then the crafty daughter decides on her own to start an “art project”.

I’m still waiting for the completion of said “art project”.

But in the meantime, I’ll just be in the corner, attempting to quietly Group My Poop.

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Weaving It All Together

This is a difficult subject, but one we must address.

From my friend, K, comes a morning observation – too many matted up weaves.

For the past few years I’ve seen a lot of weaves – lots of bad weaves I may add. And if we add in extensions, well I think the Bachelor franchise has single-handedly kept cheap hair stores in business across the country.

And although I’m low-maintenance and much prefer a pony tail or baseball cap, if you’re going to get extensions or a full-on weave, you gotta take care of that investment. I’m thinking it hurts — ALOT, and it costs money — ALOT for the good stuff. So why aren’t you taking care of it? Just like flowers don’t bloom if you don’t plant, water and nurture them, your weave or extensions will leave you hanging (literally and figureatively) without some TLC. You think Beyonce gets up in the morning and her hair looks like it does in the “Crazy In Love” video? Girl, please. Maintenance, people. Maintenance.

Can we all agree to do better?

People: Group Your Poop, and step up your hair game!

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That’s Not How Weights Are Supposed To Work (NSFW)

From FFF (Focused Feed Friend), J – here’s a whopper of a story.

According to the Independent UK: Man Gets Body Part Caught in Weight at Gym

(I’m sure you can guess which body part.)

In what was most assuredly was a tense situation for both the man and the firefighters called to save the day, the story notes the rescuers used both a circular saw and a hydraulic tool in the three-hour rescue operation.

C’mon dude, that’s now how weights are supposed to work. In fact, that’s not how any of this works.

In closing, I have two things to say: 1) OUCH! and 2) Group Your Poop!

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Equifax Oopsie Doopsie

Undoubtedly you’ve heard about the Equifax breach, right?  You know, the one where up to 143 million Americans had their personal info including Social Security numbers, bank info, etc. compromised?  Yeah.  No bueno.

Well tonight comes the news thatthe vulnerability was known but Equifax didn’t install the required patch to secure personal data. This isn’t just you delay, like not updating your phone so you don’t have the latest emojis…this is a company entrusted with your personal information not keeping personal information entrusted to them secure. Isn’t their main job?

It’s funny that their leadership couldn’t get it together to patch the software vulnerability for a few months after it was known, but some senior executives sure were able to move quickly on selling their stock options before news of the data breach broke. Funny how that works.

Heckuva job, Equifax.

And oh yeah, Group Your Poop.

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Grouping Your Poop — LITERALLY

Usually we like to point out how people need to get their $h!t together in a figurative sort of way. This story, takes it to the literal level.

What happens when you go on a Tinder date then get stuck in a compromising position? Though widely shared, Huffington Post tells the unlikely story of a girl literally grouping her poop.

FocusedFeed appreciates her dedication to our meme.

Hat tip to FFF (FocusedFeed Fan) J for the post suggestion.

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