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Uncomfortable Art

Here is some entertaining art I found online.

Athens-based architect and artist Katerina Kamprani has created everyday items with an inconvenient tweak.

 Take a look at her craftmanship!

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Friday Fun

These weeks of bad news are exhausting, so I’m going to post something absurdly silly each Friday.


A man snoring meets the hit of the summer – “Despacito”.

You’re welcome.

Now rest up and enjoy the weekend. Because we don’t have any assurance next week will be any less outrageous.

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11 Herbs and Spices

Here’s a fun fact —

Kentucky Fried Chicken follows only 11 accounts on Twitter. They are:

– all five spice girls
– six dudes each named Herb

Get it? 11 herbs and spices!

Marketing hilarity at a high level. Well done.

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Work Potluck Follies

From Twitter user @coolstoryjanis:

Technically, there is macaroni and there is cheese, but still…

There is always one co-worker like this in every office, right?


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Sometimes when the crowd is doing one thing, you gotta go do your own gig.

Amazing 😂

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Do what brings you joy.

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“No More”

Current mood (turn up your volume then press play):

When things get to be too much for you — scream “No More!”, take a breather — FF is here for you.

Relatedly, cats hate baths not given by their own tongue.

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Marketing Genius

Fanta of the Opera!!??

I may be a hard pass on pumpkin spice everything, but seasonal naming of soda (when appropriate) cracks me up.

Well played, Fanta.

hat tip: Twitter user Yacov Freedman – @yzfreedman

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Invisible Fun

What a day!  What a few weeks!

The world can be a scary place.  I didn’t even post all the bad stuff going on today.

We need a break.  Something that brings a smile to your face.

So I proudly bring you – “Find the Invisible Cow”.  Yes, it’s a game, and yes, you’ll love it.

 Click this link.

Make sure your audio is up – then move your mouse and listen to the clues — the louder the sound, the closer you are. When you think you are on the cow, click. If a cow appears you found it!

There is nothing more, and really at this point, simple and harmless may be best.


You’re welcome.

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Iceland Smites

Well, now even those nice people of Iceland are ridiculing us (in a loving way, of course).

See, Iceland qualified for the World Cup and the US didn’t (see earlier post).

The Reykjavik Grapeline is an entertaining magazine from Iceland’s capital which is a great follow on Twitter. They are immensely proud of their football team, and talk the best smack to opponents via Twitter before and during their national team’s matches. An example:

But they’ve now taken their trolling to a new level. Here is their post after the US failed to qualify for the Men’s World Cup in 2018.

They are a proud lot. And — full disclosure — I fell in love with the country after a vacation there years ago.

So of course I already knew it was immensely difficult for a US Citizen to get a work visa to Iceland, but I also knew it was easy to obtain be “Iceland-adjacent” in cheering on their country.

So sign me up for an “Iceland Smites” t-shirt. And I’m all in on the Viking Clap as well.

Because any country trying to smite me but in doing so made me laugh deserves all the love I have to give it.

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Soccer, Football, Po-TAY-to, Po-TAH-to

Maybe you don’t care about soccer (“football” for everyone except Americans).  But even if you don’t, once every four years the US fakes it during the World Cup and pretend to be interested.  I bet you chanted “I believe that we will win!” in 2014.  Admit it!

Yeah, well you won’t have to learn a new chant for 2018.  Because tonight the US Men’s team lost to Trinidad & Tobago, thus eliminating them from the qualification for the 2018 World Cup.

Never mind that qualifying in the group the US is in (they do it by continents) is one of the easier regions, the team just continually under achieved and tonight was just the conclusion of a poor season.  And I don’t think we can even blame Trump for this one.

You thought 2016 sucked?  LOL – 2017 says hold my beer.

Have no fear, though, there is still a great team to cheer for in 2018 — Iceland!  With a total country population of under 400,000, they qualified in the toughest region, Europe.  And they are a force to reckon with – they made it to the Quarterfinals in Euro2016, and their team is really good.  As a bonus, to cheer for them, instead of the latest chant, you just need to clap in time.  It’s so easy to get on their bandwagon!

Do that Viking Chant Clap in 2018.  You know you want to do it.

As to cheering for the USA, the Women’s National Team (who routinely win the World Cup including doing so in 2016, yet had to sue for equal pay to the under-achieving men) will play in 2020.

Oh, and US Men’s Team – Group Your Poop.

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