Just for Fun

An Extra Hour

Had to do it.

Extra hour to sleep, play or work this weekend, my friends.


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It Takes A Village


Good things happen when we all work together to help each other.

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Finding Your Passion

May you find something to love as much as this dude is relishing the return of the McRib:

I’m not a McRib eater, but I endorse his passion.

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It’s a Feel Good Friday

We’re starting a new segment this week – FEEL GOOD FRIDAY.

Life’s too short to be all doom and gloom, so each Friday we’ll post what we are feeling good about.  It can big, small or somewhere in between.  Whatever makes you feel good, we are celebrating.

This week:

  1.  An extra hour of sleep this week (clocks get turned back an our on Saturday night)
  2. This past MuellerMonday – we’ve got a long way to go but we’ve taken the first step
  3. Clam Chowder Friday!!

What is making you feel good this week?  Hit us up on the contact page or email directly to:  focusedfeed@gmail.com.  If it’s a good one, we may post it in the near future.


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New York Halloween Humor

An artist in NYC carved a pumpkin with the image of Special Counsel Mueller and left it at the property owned by Paul Manafort, because or course (it’s NYC, duh)!

Do you want to see the carving? Of course you do and CNN has the photos.

Someone else had already put a faux landmark status “plaque” by the townhouse marking the infamy of the address after it’s mention in the indictment earlier this week.

And who says NYC isn’t friendly?

I <3 NYC!

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World Series

The Houston Astros are World Series Champs!

And if you remember one year ago, the Chicago Cubs won after waiting 108 years for a championship. At the time, the joke on Twitter was the Cubs broke their championship curse and as penance, Donald Trump would then become President. Boy that was funny right up until the day after the election.

So, the question I’m asking is this: now that the Cubs are no longer World Series Champions, is the other half of the deal over as well?

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Twitter Puns Are the Best Puns

Well played, Jake Tapper.

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Halloween Humor


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Not the Best Words

I’m a stickler for basic grammar. In fact, I have two issues which truly bother me:

1. Know the difference between they’re/there/their; and
2. If you don’t know the definition of a word, don’t use it when writing (or look up the definition to be sure).

So you know I’ve been following along with the First Daughter (yes, she’s the First Daughter…poor Tiffany gets no recognition) and her forays on Twitter. Vice writer Eve Peyser (@evepeyser) first brought her “words” to our attention on Twitter, and The Late Show on CBS picked up the tweets.

And frankly, who can present the information better than Colbert? Watch:

On the campaign trail, her father famously said, “I know words. I have the best words.” Look for yourself:

Maybe he didn’t pass along those “best words” fully in the gene pool to dear Ivanka.

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Premature Celebration

Today’s entry in the “don’t count your chickens before they hatch” file:

Don’t be the goalie and prematurely celebrate.  Everyone:  it’s heads down and nose to the grindstone until our work is done.

Happy Monday!

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