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The Year of the Gangsta

2018 (in the few days it has been so far) is shaping up to be the Year of the Gangsta.  Not the year of the rooster or the pig or whatever your Chinese restaurant placemat says.  I officially declare it the year of the Gangsta.  Not gangster.  GANGSTA!

To wit:

And if you don’t know the difference, then you better ask around.  Because it’s legit different — just ask the judges on Jeopardy.

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“Are the Polls Open Yet?”

We are rolling in to 2018 like Sam Bee on “Full Frontal”…

Are the polls open yet?

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After the holidays, WE ARE BACK!

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Saturday Survey

It’s the holidays and I was going to post something super fun and light-hearted. Then I read the news, which didn’t make me a total grinch. It did, however, push me to change the poll to an “Airing of Grievances”.

Because, just like on the famous Seinfeld episode, it’s December 23rd — time for Festivus!

We’ll skip the raising of the Festivus pole and feats of strength and instead just do a survey for the “Airing of the Grievances”.

Choose wisely, my friends.

Which is the following grievances bothered you the most in the past year?
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SURVEY SATURDAY – Pick Your Present

Ho Ho Ho-ly shmoley! It’s Saturday and time for you to have your say on the important(?) issue of the week.

Santa needs to hear from you!

Christmas is coming and Santa is bringing you a video gift. Pick your present.


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Feel Good Friday!


Here’s what has me smiling:

2) Afternoon naps
3) Twinkling lights on the Christmas tree
4) Coca-Cola – seriously, how would I get by without it?
5) The engagement of people in our politics — higher than I’ve seen in a long time. (Let’s keep it up for November 2018!)
6) Self-affirmation – I’m good. You’re good. We’re both more secure than Trump.
7) We’ve survived another week, and at least some norms seem to be holding

We got this! We’re going to roll in to this weekend like nobody’s business!

Have a good one.

-Your Friends at Focused Feed

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Suvey Saturday

Everyone ready to give their opinion??  It’s that day of the week, and our question today is about “that time of year” – the holidays!

Did you see Melania unveil the White House decorations in the past few weeks?  Here are two pictures which took the internet by storm:

And these pictures got us wondering:

What was up with the White House Christmas decorations?


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It’s another “Feel Good Friday”! Whew..we made it through another week.

What has you smiling today?

1. Conference calls scheduled for an hour which last only 25 minutes;
2. Holiday lights twinkling at night;
3. Egg McMuffins which taste like heaven in your mouth;
4. Patti LaBelle’s voice no matter the lyrics she’s singing (see earlier post);
5. The movie Coco — enjoyed by three generations with bottomless popcorn; and as the grand finale…
6. This video:

It’s OK to take a moment, breathe, and smile.  Even when things seem dark, there is light.  Look for it.

Make it a great Friday!

Email us at focusedfeed@gmail.com and let us know what is making you smile.  We may just post your info (anonymously and with your permission obviously).

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Singing Us Into a FEEL GOOD FRIDAY

You know what being a pro is?  It’s Patti damn LaBelle rocking out even when the cue cards are wrong and the background singers are missing!

Enjoy Ms. LaBelle and her vocal talents from the 1996 Christmas Tree lighting ceremony:

Now THAT puts us in the mood for a FEEL GOOD FRIDAY.

Make it a great one.

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Don’t Horse Around

I’m not style icon, but I do follow Tom & Lorenzo, a fantabulous fashion/pop culture website. They started out as bloggers running “Project Rungay” and now have expanded to larger fashion commentary. I don’t always agree with their ‘fabulous & opinionated’ takes, but usually they are on point.

And today is no different, as they provide their feedback on a gown worn by Zendaya (perhaps you know her from Dancing with the Stars, the kids remember her from some Disney show).

Here’s the gown:

Nothing like horse heads to cover up the boobs, eh?

Tom & Lorenzo take a pass on this look, as do I.

And isn’t looking at crazy fashion much more fun than Russia/political talk? We’re trying to keep it fun.

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