“I Am Not A Crook”

It’s a famous Nixon quote – “I am not a crook”.  (Spoiler:  he kinda was.)

We have a similar situation going on right here in 2017.

First, it was the Lester Holt interview with Trump after he fired Comey where he said he was thinking of the Russia investigation when he fired him.Here’s a handy dandy CNN article in case you forgot.

That interview happened, and everyone was excited since he basically admitted obstruction of justice. John Oliver had a funny bit on his show where he celebrated with a banner, dancers and a marching band:

(Spoiler: I guess we didn’t have him.)

And today we have another admission of obstruction of justice. Now, I normally don’t report Trump’s Twitter posts, but this is important, so stick with me:


Well, that’s problematic, because if knew Flynn lied to the FBI, then he’s admitting that’s what was on his mind when THE DAY AFTER HE FIRED FLYNN he asked Comey to dinner and told Comey to drop the Flynn investigation. That is, by definition, obstruction of justice.

(Note:  I took a screenshot because I imagine that tweet will be quickly deleted once someone realizes what he just admitted.)

And, let’s not also forget this admission that he had Session as AG to run cover for him:

In light of these, perhaps soon?  I’ll have the marching band/banner clip ready to post, Mr. Mueller, just let me know when to publish.



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Not even a bad tax bill can stop us from SURVEY SATURDAY!

Please vote and let us know what you’re thinking.

With the plea agreement of Flynn, the Mueller investigation has reached the inner circle of the White House. This morning, Trump said, "No collusion!" Do you think he knows what the word "collusion" even word means?


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Tax Bill Update and Peptalk

Disclosure:  I went to sleep instead of watching the bill pass.

Two notes:

-the $250 tax deduction for teachers was not included in the final Senate bill (it was in the House bill and that will need to be reconciled in the conference committee)

-the crazy tax exemption for the small conservative college was eliminated

On to conference committee, and the legislation is still a shitshow.

Now for the peptalk:

Don’t confuse a LEGISLATIVE “victory” with an ELECTORAL “victory”.  The bill is immensely unpopular – less the 30% approval in the last poll.  There’s a reason they wanted to rush this through and didn’t even want to take a day to get the language typed up – they don’t want citizens to know what is in the bill.

Talk to your friends and neighbors…tell them what was passed.  Tell them what the policy consequences for middle class people are in the bill.  Talk about it EVERY DAMN DAY.

Remember this and work to hold them accountable.  Midterms are in 11 months.




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Misc. Other Tax Provisions

Just a few more hits from the Senate tax bill:

  • grad students still taxed on tuition waivers, essentially ending the possibility of advanced degrees for all but the rich
  • “skinny repeal” (remember that from the health care debacle?) – elimination of the individual mandate is still in the bill – which will drive up insurance costs further
  • larger loophole for large hedgefunds included in latest version
  • taxes still slated to increase for those making less than $70k after the first two years
  • adds approximately $1.5 trillion to the debt, which will likely trigger an annual cut of $25 billion to Medicare via the PAYGO act which was passed years ago

I’m off to watch the final vote.

More as news breaks, because, you know, then we pick up the pieces.

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**Other Congress News**

Let’s take a break from the tax bill madness and read this pleasant story:  the Washington Post is reporting that $150k of our tax dollars was paid to a Congressional staffer who was fired for not focusing on Hillary Clinton enough in the Benghazi investigation.


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Tax Break for Virgin Island Hedge Funders

Who had Virgin Island Hedge Funders in the tax breaks pool?

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Religious Education

This was in the bill, but now they just struck it from the bill (there are still new versions coming out for votes later tonight!).

They are trying to throw in everything but the kitchen sink in this bill.

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Private Jets

PHEW!  I was worried!

The private jet tax break made it in to the final bill!

(My sister asked if it includes NetJet, which I can neither confirm or deny.)


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I constantly remind my children that penmanship is important…even in this digital age.

Tonight, that becomes important in the Senate tax bill.  Can you read this?

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College Endowments


Now taxed:  college endowments.  I guess you gotta find revenue somewhere to offset tax cuts for the top 1%.

Ironically, a Senator from PENNSYLVANIA added an amendment which allows a small  college in MICHIGAN to be exempt from this provision.  That’s a head-scratcher.

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