Paul Ryan – Retiring???

I could write a long post about my feelings about (alleged) policy wonk Paul Ryan. He has SERIOUS(!) policy ideas…just ask him. Like voucherizing Medicare (he calls it “premium support”).

But why spend the time crafting a mediocre piece when Charles Pierce conveys all your feelings so much more clearly and cleverly?

Esquire publishes his essay entitled “Good Riddance to the Biggest Fake in Politics”

It’s well worth five minutes of your time.

I’m thinking Good Old Paul saw results in Alabama and a poll of his district which showed him down to potential D nominee @Ironstache (yes, that’s his Twitter handle!), and started to float the old “time to get back to my family” line.

Don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya, Paul. We’ll be better off with you out of the House of Representatives. (Sorry Wisconsin, he’s coming back to you.)

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It’s a Sign

Sometimes the world brings you a sign showing you the impact of other’s actions.

Example A:

This is particularly relevant given yesterday’s “Cutting the Red Tape” event at the White House.

Oh, this West Wing, so clever – the paper on the right is current regulations and the pile on the right is the amount of regulations in the 1960s.  And Trump’s “cutting the red tape”…isn’t that great?  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  I’M LAUGHING SO HARD!  (sarcasm)

Because Scott Pruitt is ending protections for clean water, and energy regulations, and coal debris not being able to be dumped anywear, etc.

I guess nobody thinks that fewer regulations which keep us safe could cause danger.

Nobody, that is, except the world which gave us a sign at the EPA today by that sewage spewing through the water fountain.

Add this to the list of things we’ll need to fix once sanity returns to the Executive Branch.


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It’s Just Tuesday

Election Day in Alabama! It’s a special day…or is it?

Alabama is selecting their next Senator, and let’s be honest, we are hoping for the best, but bracing for the worst. Because evidently an (alleged) sexual predator isn’t disqualifying for the office.

That being said, it’s always little exciting on election day. I swell with the pride of EVERYONE being able to vote (even if I don’t agree with their candidate). Check out this story about people cherishing the right to vote in Alabama from Think Progress. Excuse me, is that dust in my eyes?

And then we have a salacious tweet from Trump. I’m not linking to it. It’ gross. Despicable. Beneath the office. But how is that different than other things he’s done.

Now MOST of my faith in this democracy goes crashing down. But only most, not all of it. Because I refuse to give up. I persist.

And so, it’s not a special day. Because this type of emotional rollercoaster happens damn near everyday. It’s just Tuesday.

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Brace for the Worst, Hope for the Best

Maybe it’s being defeatist, maybe it’s being realistic.  But is everyone else expecting the worst tomorrow night from Alabama?

I don’t mean that as a commentary on the state, but rather an observation on the country as a whole.

Our lack, as a citizenry, to be able to discern policy and actions from the tribal dynamics of a political party.  Our lack, as a citizenry, to recognize manipulation by those more powerful.  Our lack, as a citizenry, to simply believe women.

Did you see the Vice News focus group with Roy Moore voters over the weekend?  It’s worth a look, and
Vice provides a 7 minute excerpt which provides insight in to their thinking.

C’mon, Alabama, do better. Or more so like – c’mon America, do better.

Sorry to be a downer, but I’ve found “brace for the worst, hope for the best” to be an effective coping mechanism for the past year, so why stop now?

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It’s Not Spy vs. Spy

We are one step away from having an email saying:  “Hi, Don Jr. this is Vladimir.  I have some emails, and Wikileaks can give them to you. In exchange for this I only want all Russian sanctions dropped and to be able to put nuclear power plants in the Middle East. Nothing big. Then we’ll be even.  What do you think?  Reply back with one answer:  YES or NO”

And then, thinking there is no repercussions or danger in working with a hostile country, circles YES as a wry smile washes across his face.  He thinks he’s outsmarted Putin because he read Spy vs. Spy cartoons in Mad Magazine.

Except any signal of potential agreement with Russia’s offer of assistance constitutes something to be leveraged as blackmail in the future.  And just maybe the Trumps didn’t figure that out.

CNN is reporting emails which shows an offer of Wikileaks encryption keys for hacked emails to the Trump campaign.  This seems important.

Wow! And three weeks later, Don Jr begins having private messages with Wikileaks! What a coincidence.

Please note Don Jr. denied remembering any of these emails and said there was no follow-up. Let’s see if that turns out to be true.

Buckle up. This story continues to be a bumpy ride with no signs of slowing down.

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DRIP DRIP – “Eerily Weird”

New today:  Remember Rob Goldstone?  The music producer who set up the now-famous June 2016 Trump Tower meeting where they discussed “adoptions”?

CNN is reporting today that days after the Trump Tower meeting — and upon news of the DNC hacked emails — Goldstone emailed his Russian buddies saying it was “eerily weird” hearing of the DNC hacked emails given what they had just discussed at the Trump Tower meeting

You know what I find eerily weird? How all these Russian coincidences keep popping up.

I’m guessing Mr. Goldstone will soon have an appointment with Special Counsel Mueller (if he hasn’t already made his acquaintance), to go with his Congressional testimony which is scheduled next week.

Frankly this entire saga is “eerily weird”. It would be immensely entertaining if it didn’t involve interference in our democratic government.

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11 Minutes Until Corruption

11 minutes – shorter than an episode of a sitcom like Modern Family or Will & Grace…even if you fast forward through the commercials.

11 minutes – it’s a short amount of time (unless you are on a treadmill, but that’s another story).

Yet,according to a report from NBC News, it only took 11 minutes in to the Trump presidency for the corruption to begin. He hadn’t even gotten through the Inauguration Speech yet, and it had already begun.

According to whistleblower, 11 minutes after Trump took the oath of office, he texted a businessman saying “good to go” with their plan to put nuclear reactors in the Middle East. (Sidenote – this humble blogger doesn’t think that’s a great idea.) The businessman said Flynn had been putting the pieces in to place, and Trump would make sure the Russian sanctions blocking the deal would be “ripped up” soon in to the new administration.

Are you wondering why we haven’t heard of this before, you aren’t alone. But according to Rep. Elijah Cummings, who brought the whistleblower story forward, Special Counsel Mueller asked this news be held “until they completed certain investigative steps”. Yep, that’s a quote. Mueller asked for the story to be held until they did other work. Which means Mueller knows all about this and presumably has at least somewhat vetted the story.

And if Mueller knows about how the incoming Director of National Intelligence was working on a business deal 11 minutes in to the administration, and STILL offered him a plea deal for his cooperation, wouldn’t there be something even larger that he’s working on prosecuting??

WOW! Imagine what we don’t even know yet.

I’ve said it before. I’ll say it again. What a time to be alive — 11 minutes at a time.

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That’s Now How It Works (Law 101)

Don Jr. met with the House Intel Committee today for approximately 8 hours.  Evidently they had lots of questions for him.

One hot topic surely was the June 2016 meeting in Trump Tower about “adoptions”.  But it seems Don Jr. didn’t want to tell much about his discussions with his father regarding this meeting or afterward when they released a statement which later was proven to be untrue regarding this little get together.

His reason for not answering the questions?  Attorney-Client privilege. Politico has the details.

But, see, here’s the problem: for a conversation to be privileged by Attorney-Client privilege, one person has to be an attorney and the other has to be their client. Neither of those situations are true between Don Sr. and Don Jr. Don Jr. said there was an attorney in the room during the discussion and evidently he thought that was his get out of jail free card.

That’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works.

And just to be prepared for the next set of excuses – besides attorney-client privilege being no applicable, neither executive privilege nor white privilege will work with Special Counsel when the time comes. Just an FYI.

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“United Schatesh”


What’s up with Trump not being able to pronounce “United States” correctly at the end of today’s speech?

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