The Hits Keep Coming

DRIP……DRIP….DRIP..DRIPDRIPDRIP – the pace of the drips is getting faster.

Ever wonder why so many of the cabinet officials have ties to Russia that they keep forgetting to report to the Ethics Office during confirmation?

 In their second big report of the day, NBC News is providing new insight in to the financial dealings of Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross.

Secretary Ross has business ties with the immediate family of Putin and didn’t disclose these interests during his confirmation process. He was previously the Vice-Chairman of the Bank of Cyprus (where Manfort used wire transfers for monies it is alleged he was laundering).

These reports seem to be getting more complicated and more convoluted, but the over-arching concepts remain the same: 1) lots of Putin connections; 2) lots of lying about said Putin connections; and 3) lots of interest by Mueller in these connections.

The pace of this race is quickening. No wonder Mueller is working on the weekend. Let’s see where this race leads – with Special Counsel Mueller setting the pace.

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The Family That Colludes Together…

So it’s the weekend — a time for many to rest and reset for the week ahead.

But you know who was working yesterday?  Special Counsel Mueller and his team, because they are up breaking news early on a Sunday morning.  Looks like they took advantage of the extra hour to leak a little bit of info to NBCNews:

NBC News is reporting Mueller has enough evidence to charge both Flynn and Flynn, Jr.

And you’re thinking – well, didn’t we kind of know that? Well, yes, we did know Mueller would likely charge Flynn and his son, but there is a line in the story which I found interesting:

“If the elder Flynn is willing to cooperate with investigators in order to help his son, two of the sources said, it could also change his own fate, potentially limiting any legal consequences.”

Now remember Special Counsel Mueller arrested a dude at Dulles airport in DC and had a plea deal which they kept secret for months. This team doesn’t leak unless they are trying to achieve something within the news cycle. So why are they leaking the possibility of Flynn cooperating to help his son? Interesting.

This plot is getting as complicated as Biggie and Tupac. Except I haven’t figured out who is who in that analogy. Let me work on that.

In the meantime, I love the smell of leaks about charges (and indictments hopefully in the near future) in the morning.

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I Want More!

Remember Veruca Salt from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory?  She was the spoiled rich girl who had the Dad who bought her anything she wanted.  She was known for her famous line, “I want an Oompa Loompa right now, Daddy!”

Eventually her impatience in waiting for a “golden goose” gets her jettisoned down the garbage chute, but boy she was adamant of what she wanted and told everyone she wanted it RIGHT NOW!

And that’s how I’m feeling after Monday’s indictments.  I was secretly hoping for more big news today for a feel-good moment going in to the weekend.  I WANT MORE INDICTMENTS, SPECIAL COUNSEL MUELLER, RIGHT NOW!

But alas, no more indictments this week it appears.

“The truth waits for eyes unclouded by longing” is a famous spiritual quote.  I don’t think they meant indictments, but as someone who just wants all the truth to come out, I guess it will have to wait at least until Monday.

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Pre-emptive Post

Trump is headed out today for an Asia trip planned to span nearly two weeks.

And because I’m a planner, I’m going to post this now:

Dear Asia,

We are sorry. Most of us didn’t vote for him, and he’s only President because of Russia and the ‘electoral college’ (a compromise wrote in to the Constitution to pacify slave-holding states in the south).

Wanna keep him?

America, but probably not ‘Merica


You know it’ll be needed at some point within the next two weeks, so I’m just getting ahead of the game.  Feel free to post it on your facebook page or just apologize in advance to your friends/colleagues in Asia.

I’m a helper.  You’re welcome.

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Bullet Dodged

Sam Clovis withdrew as the nominee to be Chief Scientist for the Department of Agriculture. (Thanks, CNN, for providing the story.)

We don’t know exactly why he withdrew, but here are a few reasons (take your pick):

1) he has a history of making incendiary comments on his radio show and blog; or

2) he’s not a scientist…even though the position he’s nominated for is CHIEF SCIENTIST – when asked to list all his graduate-level courses in science he has taken, he listed “none”; or

3) (THIS MAY SOUND FAMILIAR) – he has ties to the Russia investigation.

Yes – he is listed in the Papadopoulos plea agreement as Papadopoulos’ campaign supervisor, replied to Papadopoulos emails encouraging him to visit Russia, and he’s already testified in front of a grand jury at the best of Mueller’s team. FUN FACT – the White House didn’t know he’d testified until it came out in the press.

Nonetheless, nobody knows for sure why his nomination was withdrawn, but I think the proper response (no matter the reason) is: WHEW! WE DODGED A BULLET ON THIS ONE. Nowdays you celebrate the small victories.

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Is It Getting Hot, Attorney General?


The weather in the south, but it seems Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III is feeling a little bit different type of heat tonight. My word! What a day for our Attorney General.

First we had his sudden memory regained to match Papadopoulos’ testimony.

Now we have another person(!) who has testified they told Sessions of a trip to Russia. CNN has the background on Carter Page’s testimony stating he told Sessions about a trip to Russia during the campaign. Why does Session keep forgetting these unusual conversations involving Russia? A reminder he’s already changed his story a few times prior to today’s event.

::Sniff Sniff Sniff:: I’m getting a whiff of perjury.

Hi, Mr. Sessions, I’m sure Special Counsel Mueller will be in touch soon.

In the meantime, I think I’ll enjoy a mint julip to beat the heat. Mr. Sessions may be taking a different approach – by sweating it out to deal with that different type of heat he’s feeling right now.

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New York Halloween Humor

An artist in NYC carved a pumpkin with the image of Special Counsel Mueller and left it at the property owned by Paul Manafort, because or course (it’s NYC, duh)!

Do you want to see the carving? Of course you do and CNN has the photos.

Someone else had already put a faux landmark status “plaque” by the townhouse marking the infamy of the address after it’s mention in the indictment earlier this week.

And who says NYC isn’t friendly?

I <3 NYC!

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Bless His Heart

Well, my word! Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III (the current Attorney General) went and lied to the Senate during his confirmation and other Senate hearings! Bless his heart! Now I’ll need to head to the fainting couch and have myself a little rest and some sweetened iced tea!


Folks, let’s get back to reality, here. The Attorney General (who is so southern he was named after TWO confederate generals) lied to the Senate, under oath, when asked if he spoke with any Russians or knew of any Russian involvement or connections within the Trump campaign.

Funny things happen when a member of the campaign (Papadopoulos) flips to become a witness friendly to the prosecution and tells the truth. Stories suddenly don’t match up.

So before, Sessions testified, under oath, that he didn’t recall any contact or involvement with the Russians.

Now, today, after the Papadopoulos story and multiple pictures of a meeting where both Sessions and Papadopoulos were at come to light, Sessions’ memory suddenly cleared up and he remembered the discussion about Papadopoulos proposal to go to Russia.

NBC has the report on how the fog in his mind suddenly cleared.

Nothing like a good set of indictments and a plea bargain to clear up the old memory, am I right?

Most predictable plot ever.

Now excuse me while I re-enact one of my favorite Carol Burnett show skits – where she comes down the stairs as Scarlett O’Hara in the green curtains…in memory of Jeff Sessions — soon to be censured by the Senate, and our Attorney General. Bless his heart, y’all.

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Narrative U-Turn

File this as an active attempt to change the narrative (and in direct contradiction to the Vanity Fair article out tonight):

the New York Times had a call with the President where he insists everything is just fine. Okey dokey. Smooth Sailing.

He insists he isn’t mad at anyone.

He said he received “fantastic poll numbers” (none have been reported or supplied by the White House).

He claims he’s in the Oval Office early and leaves late, calling things “smooth” and saying he’s enjoying it.

I’m thinking if you have to have a call with a reporter to state things are fine, things aren’t fine. Because if things were fine, it wouldn’t be news. What do you think?

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Everyone Under the Bus


For those of you scoring at home,per tonight’s Vanity Fair article, we are not at the point in the story where Trump throws his son-in-law under the bus.

That was fast.

Gabe Sherman paints a picture of discord in the White House where Trump blames Kushner for bad political decisions (including arguing for firing Comey). On this one, I’d have to agree with Trump. Jared has less political instincts that the potted plant in the corner it appears.

He’s also musing about possibly taking a tougher stance against Special Counsel Mueller, and is concerned about Mueller potentially reviewing his past financial transactions. (Spoiler alert – Mueller had LOAN APPLICATIONS for Manafort…dude he already has your taxes I’d guess.)

The thought of impeachment has already come up in the West Wing and two Senior Administration officials (Dena Powell and Gary Cohn) are actively walking out of the room if the subject of Russia comes up in discussion to protect themselves.

This is better drama than Days of Our Lives. Except it’s our country.

What a time to be alive.

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