Let’s Get This Party Started

It appears Special Counsel Mueller watched the same Jeopardy clip as the rest of us and confirmed the declaration as 2018 “Year of the Gangsta”.

The Washington Post reports today, “Mueller indicates he will likely seek interview with Trump” with the questioning potentially happening within weeks.

Team Trump is thinking of asking for written questions and responses or just a signed affidavit saying “NO COLLUSION, BELIEVE ME!” but I’m thinking Big Poppa isn’t down for that.  It’s time to answer the questions.  Under oath.  And I’m not sure what the answers are, but I surely want to find out the truth.

Let’s get this party started – gangsta style.

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And, the first day back to reading Twitter for the blog, and THIS appears…

  1. Oh sweet mercy – 2018 is gonna be a ride wild (and not in a good way); and
  2. I don’t think they are really tweeting about “buttons”.

I’m already frustrated with the state of our country after one tweet and I haven’t even gotten to Trump Russia and Drunk-Papadopolous yet.


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“Are the Polls Open Yet?”

We are rolling in to 2018 like Sam Bee on “Full Frontal”…

Are the polls open yet?

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After the holidays, WE ARE BACK!

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Saturday Survey

It’s the holidays and I was going to post something super fun and light-hearted. Then I read the news, which didn’t make me a total grinch. It did, however, push me to change the poll to an “Airing of Grievances”.

Because, just like on the famous Seinfeld episode, it’s December 23rd — time for Festivus!

We’ll skip the raising of the Festivus pole and feats of strength and instead just do a survey for the “Airing of the Grievances”.

Choose wisely, my friends.

Which is the following grievances bothered you the most in the past year?
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Why is an Estate Tax Needed?

One part of the tax bill passed by the Rs in the past day was the raising of the limits on the estate tax – whereby the uber-wealthy can pass more of their money down to their heirs without paying any taxes.

So, before it was $11 million for a couple which was tax free, but now it will be $22 million before the tax man comes looking for his cut.  And thank goodness because my Mom is worth about $21.9 million, right, Mom?  She reads the blog and right now is laughing so hard because no, she ain’t worth $21.9 million.  (Hey, Mom, don’t laugh too hard, the grandkids and I would prefer to don’t stroke out while laughing at the implausibility of us being worth multiple millions of dollars.)

Anyway…..Spin Magazine found a video which probably does a better job of explaining why we need an estate tax than any politician. You MUST click the link and read about Wyatt, a Koch relative, and his business of wildly colorful button down shirts.

He thinks he has a great idea and his employees respect him for his design genius while really they are just indulging him for a paycheck.

I almost feel sorry for him – he was born on third base and seriously thinks he hit a triple. Almost.

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Don’t Make Me Stop This Car!

Mom’s know everything.  EV-ER-Y-THING!  Like they’ll yell “Don’t make me stop this car!” because they know you are fighting in the back seat.

Or the time they ask “is there anything you want to tell me?”.  Yeah, when that one comes out, it’s best to fess up, because Mom likely already knows what was up.

Keep that in mind as you readthe latest from NBC News. The early part of the story tells how the FBI warned Trump and his campaign soon after becoming the Republican nominee of potential Russian/foreign infiltration in to campaigns. Hillary Clinton and staff received the same warning.

But here’s where it get’s interesting. By the time they gave Trump’s campaign the warning…and explicit instructions to call the FBI if they recognized any unusual communication coming from a foreign government…multiple members of the Trump campaign had already met with Russians.


So, when the FBI told the Trump campaign “yeah, hey, if any foreign government reaches out, LIKE, SAY, FOR EXAMPLE, MAYBE, RUSSIA, BY CHANCE, then give us at the FBI a little ring-a-ding”, they were waiting for the Trump campaign to mention…”well there were these few unusual emails/meetings/offers”.

Except they didn’t report them. Or any of the future contacts.

And like most news stories, the best line is hidden near the end. A quote from a former FBI counterintelligence agent (Montoya):

“If I give you a defensive briefing and the illicit behavior continues, I’m not going to just scratch my head over that, especially if I see continued interference,” Montoya said. “If we’re telling these guys stuff and they are not acting on it, then we’re going to keep that as evidence.”

Evidently, Trump wants the FBI to “stop this car”.

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Today in the State Department

…things are going just fine.  Yep, just fine.

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Two Hands


Why?  Why can’t he drink water like a normal person?  (And I know it’s such a small thing, but I truly want to know why.)

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Mueller is a Game Master

If you are on Twitter, there’s this silly thing where people (who think they are smart), start a series of posts with “IT’S TIME FOR SOME GAME THEORY!” — when really they are saying “I’m going to post in 20 parts what my opinion is and I don’t really know anything I’m just guessing”.

It’s obnoxious, pretentious, and frankly starting to become tiresome.

And now, with today’s Axios story about Mueller obtaining thousands of transition emails, we can all prepare for twenty bazillion “IT’S TIME FOR SOME GAME THEORY!” twitter posts. Ugh.

But you don’t have to read those posts…here’s the skinny (and you could click on the link to read the story, too): Mueller has tens of thousands of emails from the Trump transition. Some reportedly include “sensitive” emails involving Jared.

A pretty middle-of-the-road story until the kicker at the end, which I’m going to quote directly since it’s so f’n delicious:

“The twist: The sources say that transition officials assumed that Mueller would come calling, and had sifted through the emails and separated the ones they considered privileged. But the sources said that was for naught, since Mueller has the complete cache from the dozen accounts.”

Yeah – the Trump team had “separated” the emails in preparation for the request (ahem, hiding the bad stuff perhaps?), but Mueller just skipped the middle man and got all of the emails on his own. Don’t even try to hide shit from Big Poppa, because it seems he’s A MASTER OF GAME THEORY, TOO.

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