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But Does He Speak “Football”??

Football fans can be passionate about their teams.  I fully admit I am a tad bit on the obsessive side with regard to my favorite school.  However, fandom is no excuse for basic lack of geography/Social Studies.

Exhibit A – a post on the Alabama fan site.  You see, Alabama recruited a quarterback from Hawaii.  And, as any good fan of the team would (?), this poster is quite concerned about language difficulties with this new recruit.  How in the world will a recruit from HAWAII be able to call plays in English?  The poster even cites his experience in “Nam” and how difficult he found the language there.  Here’s a screen shot of his post:

If that’s too small to read, SBNation has a brief story and a copy of the post.

Maybe the poster was joking?  If so, well played and as they say in Alabama, “Roll Damn Tide”.

If it was serious, holy hell. C’mon America. Group Your Poop.  Hawaii has been a state since 1959.  I’m sure the recruit can speak English. But the real question is can he throw the out and fade routes?

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“What Were You Wearing?”

An exhibit about clothes that speaks to so very, very much more.

Heartily recommending this short article about an exhibit being shown on college campuses. The article is short and worth your consideration.

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Pizza Payback

Russia may have (allegedly) interefered in our 2016 election, but REVENGE SHALL BE OURS!

From Fox News Business comes this report: Sbarro to open new pizza outlets in Russia.

Now I like pizza, all types of pizza. And you don’t get a body like mine by being picky about food. Yet somehow, Sbarro may be a road too far even for me.

Perhaps revenge, much like pizza, is best served cold?

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Juicero, Take Two

Remember that silly start-up called Juicero, which was really just a dispenser for pre-packaged juice? It was funded by Silicon Valley incubators for millions, proclaimed the next big thing, and just recently fizzled out.

This morning, I see the next great idea – Bodega. Fast Company brings us the scintilating details on how two former Google employees came up with a great idea on what seems to me just a fancier vending machine??

If you’ve ever lived or stayed in a big city for a period of time, you know the neighborhood bodega is the treasure which makes you a bacon, egg and cheese on a roll JUST THE WAY YOU LIKE IT no matter the time. And seriously, how can a silly box with an app on your phone replace that?


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Fiscal Conservatism

Self-help books often say that to become rich, you have to “live below your means”. That makes sense…I drive a 11-year-old Honda Accord and that’s just fine with me. Real estate investors brag about leveraging other people’s money in their investments — put down 10 or 20% of a purchase price, borrow the rest, but you reap the rewards of the entire investment. But this is taking it a little too far.

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin requested the use of a government jet (estimated cost to operate = $25,000/hour) for his European honeymoon as reported by ABC News.

You know, people complain about how their tax dollars are spent. Some people like to point out the time they were in line at the grocery store when someone on food stamps bought a cake which they judged to not be necessary (maybe it was their kids birthday?). I want to hear the outrage just as loud, if not louder, on requests like this. In fact, I want to hear outrage on the fact that Mnuchin wasn’t embarrassed to make the request. And remember, this isn’t his first outrageous travel request. Remember last month when he just happened to fly on a private government jet with his wife to Kentucky the day of the eclipse for “business”. Wow, how convenient his meeting happened to be scheduled near the path of eclipse totality on that certain day and time.

(Thanks checks and balances for ensuring the European travel request was not approved.)

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Fall is here! Leaves are changing up in the Midwest and for me that means football season is upon us. For others, that means it’s time for pumpkin-everything. Perhaps we’ve reached full pumpkin saturation when even McDonalds has a Pumpkin Spice Latte? Here’s a Buzzfeed list (from 2015 but still relevant) on other wacky uses for pumpkin in the fall. I don’t drink coffee, so I don’t care about PSLs, but overall I’d say there’s too much pumpkin…mark me down as a moderate pass.

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The TaTa Towel

I’m a hard pass on this invention, but if it floats your boat, don’t let me stop you! DO YOUR THANG! ($40 seems a bit steep)

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Candy Crush – the TV show

I like to imagine the pitch meeting in Hollywood where someone seriously said – “we’ll take the mobile app, a couple super huge iPad screens and make people swipe to make matches for money”, and the response was “Consider it done!”. I wanted to hate this show, but as far as mindless entertainment, you could do worse. Tune in for the people suspended in air, stay for Mario Lopez’s pained commentary.

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PharmaBro and Courtroom Sketch Artists

A hearty thumbs up to courtroom sketch artists who captured the smug attitude of Martin Shkreli. Well done!

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