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Paul Ryan – Retiring???

I could write a long post about my feelings about (alleged) policy wonk Paul Ryan. He has SERIOUS(!) policy ideas…just ask him. Like voucherizing Medicare (he calls it “premium support”).

But why spend the time crafting a mediocre piece when Charles Pierce conveys all your feelings so much more clearly and cleverly?

Esquire publishes his essay entitled “Good Riddance to the Biggest Fake in Politics”

It’s well worth five minutes of your time.

I’m thinking Good Old Paul saw results in Alabama and a poll of his district which showed him down to potential D nominee @Ironstache (yes, that’s his Twitter handle!), and started to float the old “time to get back to my family” line.

Don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya, Paul. We’ll be better off with you out of the House of Representatives. (Sorry Wisconsin, he’s coming back to you.)

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The Devil is in the Details

Again I am placed in the unfortunate position of being the grammar (and spelling and overall accuracy) hammer.

1) If you post a famous quote, get said quote correctly:

It’s “a date WHICH will live in infamy”.


2) If you are posting about a “date which will live in infamy”, get said date correct:

Now fixed, but thanks to screenshots this date typo will live in cyberspace forever.

3) Homophones are tricky, but proofreading is important:

It’s PEEK-a-boo as opposed to PEAK-a-boo (meaning the absolutely upper limit of a-boos).

Cute photo, though.


Is it too much to ask that our country’s leaders utilize basic proofreading skills before posting on social media?

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The Band Is Back Together


What’s the Hamilton lyric? “History has it’s eyes on you” (and perhaps not in the way Mr. Parscale thinks in his tweet).

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Economic Theory

Once they called it “voodoo economics” – saying tax cuts for the rich pay for themselves. It didn’t work in the 1980s.

Then Governor Sam Brownback tried it in his state, calling it the “Great Kansas Experiment”, and it didn’t work. Ask any Kansan how they economy fared compared to other states which didn’t cut taxes during the recession. Kansas’ recovery was slower than their neighbors.

Now they call it “trickle down economics”, and thanks to Congress, the country is about to try it again.

I’ve constantly said about this type of tax policy “don’t piss on my head and tell me it’s raining”, but here is a visual representation of the ‘trickle down economics’ policy:

Courtesy: Twitter user Lance Ulanoff

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Not even a bad tax bill can stop us from SURVEY SATURDAY!

Please vote and let us know what you’re thinking.

With the plea agreement of Flynn, the Mueller investigation has reached the inner circle of the White House. This morning, Trump said, "No collusion!" Do you think he knows what the word "collusion" even word means?


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I’m not even embarrassed to admit I love all the pomp and circumstance of a good royal wedding.

And Prince Harry is engaged!

Mighty well done, Harry and Meghan!

Wishing you a lifetime of love and hoping you don’t mind always being 2nd fiddle to William and Kate.

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A Guest Editorial

Evidently others have an opinion on many things…who knew?!?!  LOL

A guest editorial/post from Focused Feed Friend, J:

I have a thought to ponder. I think you already addressed it on the blog but it may be a repeat performance contender. I get the sexual harassment awareness. Here’s what I have a problem with- multiple times I’ve heard reporters (women, no less) say, “let’s focus on the women and victims”, when the conversation sways. I think this is the wrong approach. The word victim, in this context, suggests one being having power over another. What about the perpetrators and WHY their behavior has been accepted in this society? My point is, “victim” creates awareness, but is the wrong word to facilitate true change. Focusing on that is the wrong approach. Let’s focus on behavior and empowerment to facilitate change. While it is perfect to raise awareness, behavior change and why we continue treat others in this manner need to remain the focus. How are behaviors formed? Through habit. How do we break a habit? By repetition and setting examples to follow- good and bad.

While it’s paramount to create awareness, if people truly want to make an impact, we, as a society, should be focusing on WHY sexual harassment has become so common. The context of change has been set, starting with one courageous person who finally found their voice to bring it forward to the right platform. Since that pivotal moment, the world has seen a transformation of strength with the magnitude of “me too’s” uniting in solidarity. It is both daunting and inspiring.

Sexual assault and harassment is not an epidemic. It’s been happening in all countries and societies across the world since the beginning of time. I’m not sure that will change until such behavior becomes unacceptable by moral standards.

How are we any different than the multiple other subservient societies? We are no different, as a whole. All societies are essentially the same, just at different stages of development. However, we are different because we are allowed to use our voice. Perhaps we can use it for the good and set examples for other less progressive societies. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to live in a world where EVERYONE were encouraged to exercise a freedom of speech? A freedom so precious and powerful, we often take it for granted or are afraid to use it. Why is it we are quick to use our voice to complain, but hesitate when violation of our moral fiber is threatened?

Perhaps facilitating change of this magnitude is too daunting for some to consider. Awareness is the tip of the iceberg. We have a voice. A powerful voice. The louder the voice, the bigger the thunder. Don’t just create thunder, set an example. A positive example. Be the change you want to see in the world.”

J, I agree 10000000000000000%, and thanks for sharing your thoughts.

If you have thoughts to share, hit us up at We personally answer each email. Really.

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Coat or Cape? – It’s SURVEY SATURDAY!

It may be a holiday weekend, and the survey may be a bit delayed (it’s a holiday weekend!) — but we still give the people what they want.  It’s SURVEY SATURDAY, turkey leftovers be damned.


Melania often wears her coat over her shoulders like a cape. I WANT TO KNOW WHY?!


Give me your answers!

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Serena’s Wedding Gown

Serena Williams wedding
Credit: Bob Metelus and Erica Rodriguez//Vogue Magazine

She’s the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) of women’s tennis and has a love of fashion.

People has the exclusive wedding dress photos.

I could make a corny tennis joke like a “grand slam” or a “smashing success” or “love-love”, etc.  But instead, I’ll just say, “WOW”. 

And that cape!  

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