11 Minutes Until Corruption

11 minutes – shorter than an episode of a sitcom like Modern Family or Will & Grace…even if you fast forward through the commercials.

11 minutes – it’s a short amount of time (unless you are on a treadmill, but that’s another story).

Yet,according to a report from NBC News, it only took 11 minutes in to the Trump presidency for the corruption to begin. He hadn’t even gotten through the Inauguration Speech yet, and it had already begun.

According to whistleblower, 11 minutes after Trump took the oath of office, he texted a businessman saying “good to go” with their plan to put nuclear reactors in the Middle East. (Sidenote – this humble blogger doesn’t think that’s a great idea.) The businessman said Flynn had been putting the pieces in to place, and Trump would make sure the Russian sanctions blocking the deal would be “ripped up” soon in to the new administration.

Are you wondering why we haven’t heard of this before, you aren’t alone. But according to Rep. Elijah Cummings, who brought the whistleblower story forward, Special Counsel Mueller asked this news be held “until they completed certain investigative steps”. Yep, that’s a quote. Mueller asked for the story to be held until they did other work. Which means Mueller knows all about this and presumably has at least somewhat vetted the story.

And if Mueller knows about how the incoming Director of National Intelligence was working on a business deal 11 minutes in to the administration, and STILL offered him a plea deal for his cooperation, wouldn’t there be something even larger that he’s working on prosecuting??

WOW! Imagine what we don’t even know yet.

I’ve said it before. I’ll say it again. What a time to be alive — 11 minutes at a time.

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